1400/1/15 Disputes between contractors and executive bodies in the implementation of projects are detrimental to the interests of the people
1400/1/9 Report on the price index and inflation rate of Kurdistan province in March 2017
1399/12/30 It is not an exaggeration to put Kurdistan's development on track
1399/12/29 Video report / Visit of the head of the Management and Planning Organization of the province to the historical bath of Gheslan Qorveh and meeting with a number of artists of this city
1399/12/28 Meeting of the Head of the Management and Planning Organization of the province with the family of Martyr Haj Houshang Varmaghani
1399/12/27 The officials of the executive bodies should seriously implement the health promotion programs of the administrative system
1399/12/26 The historical and exquisite mansion of Khosrowabad Sanandaj will be turned into a museum of Iranian celebrities
1399/12/25 17 billion Rials will be allocated for the establishment of a cultural center in Qorveh / The cinema hall of Qorveh Cultural Complex will be revived
1399/12/17 6 and a half hectares of the lands of Saranjaneh industrial town will be handed over to technology and knowledge-based companies
1399/12/16 The first festival of information bases of executive bodies, organizations and institutions of Kurdistan province
1399/12/15 Video report / Shahid Rajaei Festival in 1399
1399/12/14 The winners of the Shahid Rajaei Festival in Kurdistan Province were introduced in 1999. The selection of some devices does not mean the poor performance of other devices.
1399/12/13 The Management and Planning Organization strives to develop the cultural and artistic infrastructure of Qorveh city
1399/12/12 I deeply believe in the inherent and fundamental role of the media in shaping the attitude of development in the province
1399/12/5 Important notice of executive bodies, consulting engineers and contractors
1399/12/4 Price index and inflation rate of Kurdistan province in February 2016
1399/12/3 Transfer savings and bank capital from other parts of the country to Kurdistan
1399/12/2 Maximum pressure on Iran failed
1399/12/1 The first center for evaluating and developing the competencies of professional managers was held in the Kurdistan Management and Planning Organization
1399/11/28 Visit of the head of the management and planning organization of the province to some historical places and old houses of Sanandaj
1399/11/27 Call / to all executive bodies, organizations, institutions, companies and banks of Kurdistan province
1399/11/26 Holding a competency assessment course for professional managers in Kurdistan province
1399/11/21 Women are considered in rural development programs
1399/11/18 30 large projects will be put into operation in Kurdistan by the end of the twelfth government
1399/11/18 12 thousand billion Rials is the result of a two-day trip to Kurdistan

Statements and instructions

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